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"Listen" is a short adventure game about life and being alive. The game was created by a team of five RPG Maker developers.

What is it about?
The puppetman is a creature that wanders the earth, unseen by almost everybody who is not close to death, but always ignored. He has almost given up on finding somebody to listen to his stories, when he meets a young girl who lives in a german hospice. As they open up for a quite unusual friendship, the little girl learns more about the puppetman's past and the reason he remains unseen. But can she save him?


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The team

Avatar Lexi

Alexis Hiemis

Story Support, Graphic Design,
Graphic Ressource, Musicfinder

Avatar Leen


Story Support, Graphic Design,
Graphic Ressource, Music

Avatar Denna


Story & Idea, Graphic Design,
Graphic Ressource

Avatar Evrey


Story Support, Graphic Ressource,

Avatar Pilzchen


Story Support, Graphic Design,
Graphic Ressource

Special Thanks


For all her wonderful ressources.
German Her website


For her fast and reliable spanish translations.
Spanish Her Tumblr


Responsible for our Italian translation.

Jonathan Ferreira

He made the Brazilian Portuguese translation.

Maybe you?

We're looking for more translators.
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